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Lawn service routes in the Bluffton area only, including Baynard Park, Bluffton Park,  Cypress Ridge, Lawton Station, The Haven, Heritage May River, Southern Oaks, and other communities in Bluffton which do not require paid gate passes.

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If you are new to Bluffton, Clemson's County Extension website offers several great articles on plants and lawn maintenance, check out this one: 

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We are happy to help deter pests, but we do not kill any moles, bugs, ants, or reptiles.  For safe and pet-friendly lawn treatment, please call our friends at Coastal Organic Lawn Care (843) 263-4406

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Common Irrigation Questions & Answers:

  • When should I turn on my irrigation?  April 1, or as soon as your turf grass comes out of dormancy.  If you had new sod installed off-season, then you may need to water intermittently to keep the roots from drying out.

  • How many days should I water my turf grass?  As a guideline, we set most of our sprinklers for three days per week. It's possible to lower it to two days, but you may need to lengthen the watering cycle.

  • How long should I let each zone run?  Many factors will determine this, such as how much sunlight versus shade you have, the slope of the lawn, and the rate that water drains through the soil, etc., but as a guideline we often like to start a new system with 10-12 minutes for fixed sprayer heads (pop-ups) and 20-25 minutes for rotating heads, and then adjust accordingly. This also depends on the volume and coverage that your heads provide.   For example, a rotating head that has to cover 180 degrees will take longer than a head rotating 90 degrees, etc.  The most precise way is to collect water during the cycle in a shallow container and note the time it takes to reach the amount of watering desired.